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Opening the “Cyprus File” was alternatively the promise, and the threat, of various politicians, mainly of Andreas Papandreou.

The promise was for the people to know the truth about the Cyprus catastrophe , and the threat, to punish the traitors responsible for it.

Critical years passed from the time of the Cyprus catastrophe, and virtually nothing was done. And now, 40 years after the invasion, the “file” has yet to be opened.

And if we take into account that none of the Junta leaders – such as infamous Dimitrios Ioannidis – even opened their mouths about the issue, we can conclude that the file has been altogether forgotten.

So what do we really know about the second greatest disaster to afflict modern-day Hellenism? As time passes, we continue to learn how much, in fact, we really do not know.

This was confirmed by the recent revelations by Harris Evangelides, an eyewitness to the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus Rodger Davies 40 years ago (see lead story, front page).

Harris writes to set the record straight, to clear up the “lies” stemming from “concerted efforts” and “morbid imaginations,” as he puts it.

He explains that Ambassador Davies’ murderer (s) did not kill him from inside the Embassy, but that the bullets unequivocally came from outside. And so, Davies’ killer (s) remain (s) at large.

Beyond this specific incident, we fear there are many similar tightly-guarded secrets in the recent history of Greece, where logic gives way to secrecy and deception, purportedly in the national interest.

But exactly the opposite is true: transparency, forthright disclosure, knowledge, and the opportunity to question is what best serves the national interest.

To live in darkness means to proceed in darkness, directionless. It means to live as an infant, without a chance to grow and ripen.

Our hope is that over time, the U.S. government will open the “Cyprus File” so we can all have a closer look; don’t expect the Greek government to do so. Even if they do have any files, which is open to question.

And our hope is for the other Harris Evangelideses out there to emerge, to testify, to inform, so that we can finally learn the truth.

The post After 40 Years, The Cyprus File Remains Secret appeared first on The National Herald.

Source: The National Herald
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