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James Galbraith, the son of the late renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith, has been an advisor of Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis from the days they taught at the University of Texas.

He just published an article in the magazine The American Prospect whose tone is disconcerting.

He writes: “… in the end, the Greeks will be forced to take their fate – at enormous risk and cost – into their own hands, and to hope for help from wherever it might come”. – Apparently implying Russia.

It appears as if that moment has arrived. Will he really ask for help “from wherever it might come?”

However, if such thoughts are really passing through the minds of the rulers of the country, then it is certain that the situation is more serious than we have imagined.

Because – let no one have any doubts – this is a sure recipe for adventures. Anyway, on the one hand you want to rejoice because the country seems to have found a voice of its own, on the other you wonder if they know what they are doing.

Is everything happening because of a negotiation strategy, based on an elaborate plan with alternatives if it does not work, or are they playing with the country’s future for reasons of domestic political expediency?

Is Tsipras negotiating the way he is in order to prevail in the internal battles of his party and to safeguard the prestige of the far-left government? Moreover, even if he wants to, can he impose a solution on the party?

The Greek Diaspora is monitoring developments with bated breath, but we do not know what assumptions to make.

We cannot be sure of anything, but if the goal of the government is for the country to stay in the Eurozone, then we certainly must wonder whether its negotiating approach makes any sense.

Instead, many things are explainable by the assumption that the government is determined to escape from the tight grip of the Eurozone.

Is an exit from the Eurozone a reasonable strategy for the country? There are several people who agree that there is no other way out of the crisis as long as the Greek people do not embrace the reforms and change the national mindset, which are necessary for remaining in the Eurozone.

And the exit from the Eurozone would be in line with the ideological tendencies of the government, since it would be left free from foreign interference, to follow its own third way.

Will there be some kind of mediation by the United States in the few days remaining before the crises explode , or an important European initiative that will produce a solution, or are we driving senselessly towards historic, fatal consequences?

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Source: The National Herald
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