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Igor Gkirkin the self-proclaimed Minister of Defense of People’s Republic of Donetsk, claimed responsibility for the fatal shooting of the aircraft which resulted to the death of 295 passengers, shortly after the fall of the Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 near the eastern Ukraine.

Known by the name Strelkof, Igor Gkirkin, according to a report in the Kyiv Post he did not hesitate to post to his personal profile on social networking site that: “The plane fell somewhere near Thorez in the Donetsk region. You have been warned, do not fly in our sky. ”
However, according to the Russian press report the posting of separatist was held at 16.32 (local time) before the announced that the aircraft crashed.

However, earlier the pro-Russian rebels rejected the case of the shooting and attributed categories to Ukrainian forces, claiming that they do not have a weapon that has a range of 10,000 meters. In fact they argued that in the last hours they inducted array of anti-aircraft missiles from the Ukrainian army.



The new tragedy of the Malaysian Airline aircraft Boeing 777 occurred only a few months after the disappearance of flight MH370 of the same company, while flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

Rescue teams found at the place of the tragedy spoke of dismembered corpses which have soared 15 kilometers and said they have identified about 100 bodies so far.


According to information provided by the Ukrainian government the aircraft was shot down by surface-to-air missile type BUK, while flying at a height of 10,000 meters and five minutes before entering the Russian airspace.
The official website of the self-proclaimed republic, although the Ukrainian military says it has nothing to do with the fall of the aircraft states that: “Witnesses saw the Boeing 777 being attacked by a Ukrainian fighter aircraft. Shortly after the aircraft broke in two and fell to the ground in the Democratic Republic of Louchansk. After the attack the Ukrainian aircraft was shot down and fell to the ground.

Original Source: Proto Thema

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