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According to legend, when Alexander the Great was marching through Asia, he encountered certain tribes that were so fierce that he imprisoned them into the bowels of the earth to ensure that they would no longer pose a threat to civilization.

As a spin-off, some say that when major atrocities (like genocides) or particularly heinous acts are committed throughout the course of history, the perpetrators of these acts are descendants of these “vile nations” – cousins of vampires and werewolves – who managed to escape the underground Alexandrian prison and menace humanity once again.

A quick glance at the atrocities currently being committed in the Middle East, with modern-day barbarians decapitating and crucifying their enemies, while raping, plundering and pillaging their way through cities and towns makes one wonder whether or not the “vile nations” are a product of legend alone.

Undoubtedly, depraved acts have been committed by so-called “civilized” nations as well. Perhaps not with the scimitar and the hood, but with the calculator and the suit.

After all, an attack by jackals or by vultures is nonetheless an attack. And while legend relegates the former to “vile nations,” the modern term for the latter is derived from scientific taxonomy.

In this case, some sort of mutation (for the worse) turned homo sapiens into homo economicus (man as a mere economic being), and subsequently into homo technocraticus (man as a mere compartmentalized technocratic being).

In the first transformation, man is divested of all his spiritual and intellectual qualities, and functions solely for the sake of consumption. His impetus for doing anything and everything is primarily economic, and all his actions and planning are interpreted according to this model.

In the second mutation, even the most base and hedonistic urges associated with consumption are removed from the human condition, and man is reduced to a compartmentalized instrument that functions blindly and solely within the parameters of his assigned task – regardless of whether or not this task actually benefits the whole.

Consider the Troika and the vulture funds that have overtaken the global economy to constitute this equally “vile” species. Their ongoing malfeasance in Greece has yielded destruction and misery that only a war could produce.

Granted, the Greek economy was left vulnerable to enemy attack for decades because of the treacherous actions of the partisan gangs running the country, however, this does not absolve the nation’s would-be international saviors from their crimes.

Pure descendants of the thugs of the Fourth Crusade, who purported to save Christendom only to sack Constantinople and lay the groundwork for centuries of Ottoman rule in ancient Christian lands, these technocrats and their uncontrollably avaricious bosses will be the undoing of capitalism.

Generations of Greeks who feared losing their homes and livelihood to the “Communist threat” are turning over in their graves as their children and grandchildren surrender the family estate to the banks that their tax dollars and pension funds bailed out only some short months ago.

The population is being taxed to death amidst unprecedented salary and pension cuts, not to fund necessary public benefit works or job creation programs to provide desperately needed work for the nearly one-third of the non-retired population (including nearly two-thirds of young adults), but to pay off usurious and odious debts.

The newly implemented real estate tax that came out this month has exceeded the already bold target set for it because of the insatiable greed of the Troika thugs commanding every government ministry, forcing the government to sheepishly leak plans of reducing tax rates or instituting across-the-board cuts as homeowners max out their credit cards and sell the family silverware to try to keep from getting their land repossessed or going to jail.

When Argentina went bankrupt in 2001, the jobless rate reached 25% – nearly three percentage points less than Greece, which had the (mis)fortune(?) of being “bailed out.”

And although Argentina was declared bankrupt once again this summer, it will be interesting to see if the consequences are better or worse than the “therapy” being force fed to Greece by the Troika, which is forced to admit mistake after mistake in its handling of the crisis (the most recent of which was the IMF’s acknowledgement that the slashing of salaries did not produce greater competitiveness), only to insist that Greece continues down the road to perdition.

Naturally, despite having a population that is nearly 50 percent bankrupt and an economy that was decimated as if by a war, the Greek people are still far better off than the Christians of the Middle East, who are meeting a fate similar to that of the Greeks of Asia Minor, Pontus, and the other Christian people of Anatolia in the early 20th Century, when Turkey’s Mustafa Kemal was committing genocide and laying the groundwork for the Holocaust.

Thanks to the “democratization” of the Middle East, the 1.5 million Christians in Iraq (in 2003) and 1.8 million Christians living in Syria (in 2011) have been reduced to 400,000 in the former and less than 100,000 in the latter! (Not so) strangely, the world has remained eerily quiet while this ethnic cleansing and mass displacement has been taking place, just as they did between 1910-1922 in Turkey. Suffice it to say, just like then, some in the West actually even assisted the perpetrators of these heinous acts, in order to advance geopolitical interests.

Confronted with the ever growing threat of the “vile” nations and the rise of homo technocraticus, Greeks, above all, should remember that their ancestors first taught the world that “man is the measure of all things” and that they dedicated – and often sacrificed – their lives fighting to free man from all forms of tyranny.

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Source: The National Herald
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