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I left behind a piece of my heart in every region of Greece that I visited in the past month.

Such is her natural beauty, the weather, the culture, the history. But my heart also bled for what I saw and heard.

In short the situation is even worse than last Summer. People are on the edge of despair. The social safety net is on the verge of disintegration. The youth is leaving – especially the educated ones.

Look, six years is a long time to be in a state of deep crisis, especially when there is no light of hope on the horizon to help the people endure.

I will convey to you the situation in our homeland as I experienced it and as it was described to me by dozens of my known and unknown interlocutors, from all social classes, but especially from the common people.

I will convey the real situation. The hard truth. That is our obligation to you, but also to ourselves.

On the contrary, the presentation of a frivolous and pretty picture of the situation would make me an accomplice because I am now convinced that the hour is getting late.

In short, the country is in a “war” situation: The people are against the politicians, the many – the poor – against the few – the rich. And the state against all.

The links that are holding society together today are the accumulated resentment, defeatism, discouragement and despair.

And that is not surprising when the unemployment rate is 26 percent, when the standard of living declined by 25% during the past six years. That is why the number of suicides are now counted in the thousands.

As we will analyze in a subsequent article, a portion of the population is now living a ghetto life-style.

Nevertheless, confirming the rule that it is difficult for people to change their habits in any period of time even long term unemployed refuse to become “Albanians”, to work for less and for more time.

The result is that the foreigners work – mainly the Albanians – and Greeks sit.

And the educated, the skilled and ambitious, migrate – mainly to Germany. Over 7,000 doctors immigrated to Germany, thus far.

The situation cannot continue for too long like this. The numbers do not look good and everyone knows that, regardless of what the government says. The country needs vision, ideas and inspiration.

A change in policy is needed starting with the reforms. The Troika cannot remain forever to do the job that the Greeks should do.

The state of bankruptcy cannot continue. All major issues must be analyzed with bold realism. Even the sensitive issue of whether Greece can remain – not if it should- in the Eurozone.

To be continued …..

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Source: The National Herald
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