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People who are knowledgeable about Greek affairs could not believe their eyes when they saw November 30th’s New York Times. And they were even more surprised that the article could not have had a more positive tone.

The Papandreou Family – at least, with respect to Andreas and George – proved once more its ability to use that leading American newspaper in difficult times to build prestige for themselves and add gravitas to their plans.

Exactly three years after the tragic events of 2011 that struck Greece and led to his resignation as Prime Minister, George Papandreou chose the Times to announce his decision to seek the restoration – or something like that – of his leadership in PASOK.

The Times wrote that, “Mr. Papandreou said he had called for the party conference because ‘things are off track.’ As a longtime party member, he said, he felt it was time to step up and take responsibility.”

Responsibility for what? For the things he did as Prime Minister, or for the future of PASOK – and the country?

According to “analysts” cited by the Times, the reestablishment of Papandreou as PASOK leader will bring the party 4-5 extra points at the polls because he still has a loyal following among the Greeks.

These votes, presumably, mainly will come from the SYRIZA, which the newspaper noted is “far ahead in polls.”

The logic behind his return seems to be the following: he resigned as Prime Minister in the best interest of the country so that a national unity government could be established under Lucas Papademos, and he is returning for the same reason:

“After five years of hard sacrifices by the Greek people, you can’t do petty politics,” he told the Times.

Can he pull it off? It would be difficult, but not impossible.

But if even something like this can happen now, what else would it constitute than blatant proof that the people have not learned anything from the crisis, which means they will continue to suffer as long as they refuse to change?

And then, by comparison, Alexis Tsipras would not look so bad as the alternative.

The post More Poppycock, Prattle From Papandreou appeared first on The National Herald.

Source: The National Herald
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