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The fast and furious out-of-control-does-anybody-here-know-what-they’re-doing Amateur Hour Radical Left SYRIZA-led coalition administration led by Prime Minister Alexis “Che” Tsipras is lying at such a rate you’d need a Cray supercomputer to keep up with them.

It’s not enough that he and his hand-picked economic blogger Yanis “Die Easy” Varoufakis, who was made Finance Minister, haven’t figured out yet that Marxism and math don’t mix.

They have to pile on with more spurious euphemisms to cover their trail of deceit, trying to sell people bulls—t with chicken wrapped around it.

You’ve got to hand it to them in one way though as the Duplicitous Duo not only are getting away with lying to their voters (this is why Home Shopping Networks are successful selling crap because nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public) but are prospering from it.

Support for SYRIZA and Tsipras have skyrocketed from the very people who’ve been betrayed so that’s when you throw up your hands and walk away like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in Jaws and say you’re not going to watch while people line up to be a hot lunch.

As Tsipras edges Greece toward being forced out of the Eurozone and handing out IOU’s to the populace, paper as worthless as a Confederate Dollar or Varoufakis’ diploma, surveys show that if elections were held today that he and SYRIZA would get 41 percent of the vote, a 5 jump over their result on Jan. 25 when they trounced the New Democracy Capitalists of Antonis “Mr. Bean Counter” Samaras.

How did Tsipras do it? With a beguiling smile and delusional belief that taking a beating at the hands of international lenders and German Chancellor Angela “Yes Mistress” Merkel means he’s winning. He seems to believe it although a better reason is that he wants you to believe it, and enough of you are lapping it up to prove he’s right.

If there were a BS Torrent this guy would be at the top of the download list, proving what runs downhill at the same time. He’s showing too that people get the government they deserve, although it’s a stretch to say the Coalition of the Looney Left SYRIZA and its partner, the Dependent Greeks of Panos “Bomb Turkey!” Kammenos are a government.

Here’s the Scorecard of Treachery (so far) from these wise guys, starting with Tsipras’ campaign statements as he lies to the voters and the lenders at the same time.

  • I’ll never recognize the Troika. That’s the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that owns Greece until the 240 billion euro ($272.5 billion) mortgage note is paid off. RESULT: He recognized the Troika but calls it The Institutions to disguise it.
  • I’ll get debt relief. That’s the campaign Tsipras saying he would walk away from at least half of what Greece owes and do it unilaterally without talking to the Troika, uh, Institutions. RESULT: He says Greece will pay back the debt in full. Google that and you’ll find it’s a lie but he gets away with it by telling the voters one thing and the lenders another. He sells snake oil on the side.
  • I’ll reverse austerity. This is the crowning jewel lie. Tsipras rose from obscurity in 2009 to winning the Premiership this year on the back of sworn vows, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die blood oaths to end the merciless big pay cuts, tax hikes, slashed pensions and worker firings that Samaras and his partner, PASOK Anti-Socialist leader Evangelos “The Slippery One” Venizelos imposed with glee while pretending to oppose them. RESULT: He didn’t do it while continuing to say he would. Big Lie #3.
  • I’ll stop privatizations. The campaign Tsipras said he would immediately halt the sell-off of state enterprises he said were causing many of the country’s assets to be offered at bargain basement fire sale prices. RESULT: He’s authorized the sell-off of state enterprises he said were causing many of the country’s assets to be offered at bargain basement fire sale prices, offering China and Russia, two of his fellow Commie Countries, first dibs on owning pieces of Greece cheap.
  • I’ll go after the Oligarchs. Tsipras said he would put an end to the country being run by its super-wealthy elite who control the banks, media, construction companies, shipping industry, sports teams and just about everything else that isn’t nailed down. RESULT: They still run the country and he can’t run a hot dog stand without help and just flat-out lied he would even try. So far at least.
  • There’ll be separation of Church and State. This lie lasted about a day before Oi Papathes had him kneeling for forgiveness, reminding of why Kazantzakis didn’t trust the guys in beards and robes with adding machines hidden under them.

He has, on paper, kept his word to rehire fired workers although there’s no money to do that so look for a flip-flop on that one too unless he, as he must, compromise, institute more Troika reforms and take his beating just as did Samaras and his predecessor, George “The Money is There” Papandreou.

What Greeks deserved was the truth, Tsipras saying, “I can’t really do what I said I would but am telling you I can to make you feel better.” Maybe he can go to confession and tell a priest.

Source: The National Herald
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