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Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is determined to serve the four-year term regardless of whether they will get the necessary presidential majority of 180 MPs in the autumn. Mr. Samaras has reportedly clarified to his close associates that “I will not do what Karamanlis did in 2009”, who when he was sure that Mr. Papandreou will not agree to re-elect Papoulias as president of Hellenic Republic, he decided to call early elections in October, whereas he could serve his term.

Mr. Samaras has, therefore, decided that he will follow the constitutional process, propose the President of Hellenic Republic to the Parliament and if he gathers the majority he will continue his term. Otherwise, he will call for elections as provided by the Constitution laying the political responsibility, though, on SYRIZA.

Following the government line, the party secretary Andreas Papamimikos stated that “there is no plan for early elections”. A close associate of Prime Minister added also that: “There is no plan b and these that are said are not true. The country will be in a critical moment in September. Do you imagine sending a message to partners that Greece will go for elections while the discussion on debt relief is to begin?”.

The government will call early elections in the autumn only if it looses the parliamentary majority.

Prime Minister assured also Ms. Merkel that he does not plan to go for early election during their recent meeting. According to reports, Ms. Merkel told Mr. Samaras that “It would be better to avoid elections now”. Mr. Samaras replied that “I do not plan to go for elections, this is something that opposition wants”.

Mr. Samaras got the green light to continue planning the tax relief measures and the restoration of social injustices. As of September Prime Minister will present a package of tax relief measures despite the reservations expressed by Troika during its recent visit to Greece.

Original Source: Proto Thema

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