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ATHENS – Main opposition SYRIZA is undermining the country and obstructing efforts for an exit from the crisis, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stressed on Oct. 16, while addressing a meeting of the Cabinet.

“For some time now, markets have noted that Greece is doing very well, while their only reservation is the political risk. In other words, the uncertainty about whether the country will continue on the road of reforms. The last few days, the stance of the main opposition has made this picture worse, directly undermining stability. And markets reacted at the expense of our country,” he stressed.

Samaras underlined that the goverment would remain calm and “fully restore the climate of stability and confidence that Greece needs.” He went on to accuse SYRIZA of seeking a confrontation with Greece’s partners and of doing this from a position of weakness.

The Prime Minister also expressed confidence that the country would soon enter the post-memorandum era, once the results of bank stress tests and a final settlement for the country’s debt were in.

He urged the coalition government’s minister not to relax the pace, stressing the need for more and better coordination between ministries, better cooperation between ministers and more promotion of the government’s work.

Referring to a series of measures to reduce taxes and restore injustices, Samaras underlined that “all this will be lost if [the country] returns to reckless spending and populism.”

As landmarks in the government’s course, he cited a series of crucial legislative measures, such as an increase in the installments for settling debts to the public sector or those dealing with bad business loans.

“Our weapon is the truth. Our enemy is the lies and destabilisation attempted through lies,” the prime minister said, stressing that the government’s policies were daily being vindicated by measures such as tax cuts and others giving relief to the economy.

“This is an excellent omen and this is the best way to gauge what’s happening, the course of the economy and the measures for society’s relief that our economy now allows,” he added.

According to Samaras, a “grey and hazy” period for Greece was now ending and the country could not be allowed to slip back into a crisis, since this would be devastating for all. He again accused SYRIZA of trying to prevent the course of recovery and return the country to memorandums by heedlessly promising handouts.

He promised that the greater part of the injustices created by the crisis would have been corrected by the end of the government’s four-year term and stressed that elections would be held at the time set by the Constitution.

“This is why some people want to trigger elections in any way right now, because they know that a little later will be too late for them. Greece will be going better and better from now on and this is what scares them,” he said.

The Prime Minister renewed his attack on the main opposition regarding the Presidential election, accusing SYRIZA of trying to intimidate MPs into voting a certain way through its statements and creating insecurity in the markets. Stressing that the government will overcome these disruptions, he called on ministers to “hold a steady course”.

“It is in our hands whether we will finally defeat the populism and irresponsibility that has plagued our country for so many decades. Now is the most crucial time. We have Parliament’s confidence and I have absolute confidence in you, that we will now take the last steps of a great marathon to bring the country out of the crisis. That we will not let anyone bring the crisis back,” he told cabinet ministers.

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Source: The National Herald
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