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Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, taking into account the internal balances incurred after the elections, sends a message for each direction that he shall accede to tax cuts and restore injustices as promised, despite the repercussions of such an act in relation to Troika.

According to a government official about the visit by the Troika said: “This is a preview of the state we are in. The two sides state their positions by calculating margin retreat. Within the next quarter the great battle will take place for the real challenge of the sustainability of the debt. “Of course, the Greek government has been negotiating and taking into account the internal political situation, the discomfort of society and internal disturbance in the parliamentary groups of the coalition parties.
The same source continuous by saying that: “We clarified to Troika that they should forget any thoughts of new measures. From their side they told us to forget about the tax cuts. “Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has convened two meetings last week, the one with the participation of representatives of the systemic banks and the second involving the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr. Yannis Stournara.
Despite Troika’s reservations, the Prime Minister makes it clear that the program of tax cuts will continue. An associate of the Prime Minister explains: “In any case there is no rapture, we told them of our intentions, they insist that in order for tax cuts to take place tax evasion has to improve. The problem was created by the decisions of the courts for the returns of judges and armed officers. We had to start designing from scratch. ”

However, the government team says that in September new package measures will be presented in order to maintain the social climate that affects the political temperature and behaviors of members under control.

A line of cuts already processed:

-Increase of installments for repaying debts to the public sector, banks and pension funds.
-Better ways for red business loans repayments. Sustainable businesses should help.
-Reduction of heating oil.
-Reducing emergency levy for 2015.
-Reduction of VAT on professional categories
-A number of measures to reduce the cost of agricultural production.

Meanwhile, in September, the Prime Minister will present a roadmap for the overall reduction in the tax burden of households and businesses to the final goal of the flat rate tax 15%.
Moreover, the Government considers that there is no pressure for change in occupational status. That is why we and the members of the socialist party PASOK publicly came out saying that they agree with the release of dismissal and change of trade union law. The course changes will happen but due time ,when they will not harm the political climate. Prime Minister’s associate also said that: “We will bring the regime in Europe, even in countries like France.”

Original Source: Proto Thema

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