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Communist KKE party will not be turned into “the icing on SYRIZA’s ‘anti-popular’ cake” as this is the kind of government it will form despite the pre-election pledges on the part of some party officials and its leader Alexis Tsipras, KKE secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas late on Wednesday said in an interview with Action 24 TV station.


On the day after the elections, he said that “the new agreement with the partners and the negotiation of the debt – that SYRIZA acknowledges as the debt of the country, namely the people – has already been put forward along with the things that Tsipras and SYRIZA have been clearly saying during the pre-election period, presenting their own credentials to the big capital, monopoly groups, the EU itself, imperialistic organizations, saying that the country’s course in the Eurozone will not be threatened and that it will stick to what has been agreed on.”


He claimed SYRIZA was lying and offering illusions to the people saying that the EU could change and noted that the “intentional equation of Europe and EU” was confusing.


He stressed that a “confrontation does not equal a negotiation of the debt and not uttering a single word on the memoranda and the implementation laws” adding that regardless of their name there are lasting memoranda, continuous monitoring and balanced budgets in the EU.


He added that “being leftist equals being in favor of the socialization of the country’s wealth, not recognizing the debt, not negotiating on it, being in favour of the popular class and not going to London’s City for talks.”


Asked whether KKE would support SYRIZA if the latter on its first day in power submitted a proposal to cancel all the implementation laws of the memorandum, Koutsoumbas replied “No, we will not vote for it neither will we give a so-called vote of tolerance as this is pure mockery.”


“If they put forward a law that would be in favor of the people, we will vote for it; but the main issue is that any government wants KKE as an alibi so as to pass anti-popular policies,” he underlined.


He estimated the country would not be taken to repeat elections as based on the programmes of various parties – with the exception of KKE – there is an objective basis for the formation of a government.


He added that KKE would probably get the third place in the elections which would be a victory for the popular movement as being a powerful popular opposition it would claim and delay anti-popular measures paving at the same time the way for a better future.


“This is our intention and we say this to the people in all honesty,” he added.

He noted that the “third mandate for the formation of government” will be preceded by the first and the second one and made clear that “we will say what we are now saying; that we will not give a ‘vote of tolerance’ to a government led either by SYRIZA or New Democracy.”


The post Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoumbas: We Are Not The Icing on SYRIZA’s Cake appeared first on The National Herald.

Source: The National Herald
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