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Please, somebody restrain me before I fly to London and steal a piece of the stolen Parthenon Marbles and bring it back to hit Greek Alternate Culture Minister Nikos Xydakis to smack some sense into him. Preferably a heavy one.

Before the howl of outrage convinced him to drop his cockamamie idea not to sue to try to force the thieves of the British Museum to return the Marbles, he was ready to roll over and let the Brits keep Greece’s greatest national treasure.

If he hadn’t, you could have added treachery, cultural treason and stupidity along with incompetence and amateurism to the resume of the Looney Left SYRIZA party misled by Prime Minister Alexis “Che” Tsipras which has no regard or respect for Greek heritage, apparently believing all the world is one, as long as it’s left.

If it’s possible, Xydakis might be the looniest of these lefties, but what can you expect from people who aren’t capable of running a hot dog stand outside Yankee Stadium, never mind a whole country, or what will be left of it once they get through with it.

You have to remember this is the party that put Aristides in as Education Minister, a guy who said education – he’s the “education” minister – is an overrated virtue.

But Xydakis has just moved to the Head of the Class for outright idiocy even though he backed off, because he still believes Greece should not fight for the return of the Marbles other than dialogue, which has failed for decades.

He’d better hope that the real champion for the return of the Marbles, the late, great actress Melina Mercouri – who was a real Culture Minister, not a phony like him – doesn’t pull a Tale from the Crypt and rise from the grave to get him because this guy deserves to be sacked, right now. And somebody give him a blood test to see he’s really Greek because no real Greek would give up the Parthenon Marbles.

That’s the problem with these SYRIZA types: they put Communist and Anarchist ideology about God, country and even family and would rather have Greece be like Cuba or Venezuela, two other failed countries where the Leftist model has proved to be failures, unless you like standing in line for bread and toilet paper and spare parts for 1957 Chevies.

SYRIZA’s even worse than previous Greek governments that did nothing to try to get the Marbles back other than paying limp lip service to the idea, even with the advantage of having the new Acropolis Museum, which has a floor dedicated for showing them off, if they ever get back – which they won’t.

Xydakis is a dentist with a degree in art history and a former journalist, where he worked for Kathimerini as Arts Editor and then Editor-in-Chief from 2003-14. His colleagues there must be embarrassed at what he’s wrought in his Culture post where he has done Greece only disservice, along with just about everybody else in SYRIZA.

Xydakis disregarded the expensive opinion of a team of human rights lawyers from London, including George Clooney’s wife, Amal, that the best chance Greece has of getting back the Marbles is suing the British Museum. Both Clooneys are greater champions of the Marbles than Xydakis who has shown no real interest in them.

“You cannot go to court over every issue,” he said in an embarrassing interview on Greek television. “Besides, in international courts, the outcome is uncertain.”

No s—t, Sherlock. Every venture in court is uncertain but that’s why people who believe they have a case go there, and Greece has the world’s greatest case: the marbles were stolen, we want the thieves to give them back now. There’s no statute of limitations on cultural heritage theft, and other countries, including the United States, have returned Greek treasures.

The British though aren’t comfortable with giving back stolen culture since they have so little of their own, unless you count the rocks at Stonehenge, a laughable comparison to the genius and precision of the Parthenon and the Marbles that adorned it before Lord Elgin stole them 200 years ago with the blessing of the Turks who occupied Greece.

The British say they weren’t stolen because the Turks gave Elgin the right to take them but thieves have no right to let thieves take someone else’s property.

Xydakis, who apparently didn’t read his own newspaper for 11 years, said the best way of securing the Marbles wasn’t in courts.

The road to reclaiming the return of the sculptures is diplomatic and political,” he said, two paths that have failed and always will because the British have no – none – interest in giving up the goods unless they are forced.

The British negativism is overwhelming, along with its lack of respect for the role of mediators,” Xydakis said. So why does he think talking will work?

Most of the people trying to get the Marbles back are Philhellenes outside Greece because Greeks and Greek governments have little interest and put up almost no fight, except for Mercouri’s gallant efforts.

After declining to accept UNESCO’s offer of mediation, British Museum Chairman Richard Lambert, told the Greek government the trustees decided to “respectfully decline this request.”

That’s what diplomacy gets, so here’s a tip for Xydakis. See them in court. Sue their ass fast.

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Source: The National Herald
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