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As the possibility of an agreement becomes apparent, too many unorthodox things are happening (if they have not already happened) that constitute a serious danger.

For one, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said from the floor of the Greek Parliament that, “The soul of (ECB President) Mario Draghi” is filled with fear over the hardliners in Germany, otherwise, he would accommodate Greece.

Are these the kinds of things Ministers of Finance are supposed to say?

How, then, could the New York Times not resist putting his words in the spotlight? “Mr. Varoufakis’ remarks are unlikely to endear him to the central bank at a time when Greece needs its help to avoid economic collapse.”

Some members of the bank are already upset. They consider the behavior of Varoufakis and other members of the leftist government to be irresponsible.

In another example, Venezuelan Ambassador to Greece Farid Fernandez  visited Panagiotis Lafazanis this week.

It was reported that “Mr. Lafazanis thanked him, expressed his appreciation for the pioneering role of the government of Venezuela in the anti-imperialist struggle, not only for the Latin American region, but also for the whole world. He emphasized that ‘This fight of the Venezuelan people, inspired by the principles and values of the Bolivarian revolution, shows that small countries can also stand and confront imperialist pressures and threats.’

Lafazanis is the Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy, a pillar of the government of Greece, a Western country.

Then, there is the example that the Greek government for two days has delayed issuing paychecks to approximately 600 employees “due to bureaucratic procedures.”

Something similar was said when pension payments were delayed two weeks ago.

It was also reported that the consulates and embassies of Greece around the World – including in the United States and Canada – were instructed to wire to Athens immediately any cash they have on hand that was not used to pay local creditors and the charges from such services as issuing passports or other documents.

And even if Athenians show understanding when they are not paid on time, the same cannot be expected of foreigners.

So, if tomorrow you go to a government agency of Greece in the United States and find it dark inside, do not be surprised. Some electrical utility may have cut the power supply.

But if that happens, you will hear Lafazanis say it is a Capitalist plot against his government.

The post SYRIZA Zealots Losing Their Grip On Reality Fast appeared first on The National Herald.

Source: The National Herald
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