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It seems incredible to me.

I am thinking, as I write…is it really true that these words will be printed on the 100th anniversary of the newspaper?

Has it really been around for 100 years – founded decades before I was born? How many newspapers can actually say they’ ve been around for 100 years?

I wonder: how can one realize the magnitude of our community’s achievements through Ethnikos Kyrix-National Herald?

How can one believe that the newspaper not only endures as a strong, reliable daily source for Hellenes a century after its foundation, but also that now through the Internet has an international impact?

Given this sea of emotions within me, I felt I could make some contribution to this momentous occasion if I attempted to answer these questions.

My biggest concern when I took over the Herald – at age 29 – was how to ensure that the newspaper would survive.

My immediate goal was for it to make it through even one day; thoughts about celebrating monumental milestones did not even enter my mind.

Never would I have imagined then that today, through God’s guidance and blessing, we – you and I, all of us – would be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

So difficult was the state of the Herald back then.

Accordingly, it might be understandable why I am so moved today that we have come this far.

But at the same time, I feel a sense of great admiration for our community, which through its loyal readership loudly proclaimed the need for a reliable and independent news source, and has supported us accordingly all these years.

An admiration for the generations of our fellow Greeks who in the Herald found a friend, a comforter, a source of information and inspiration through not only everyday life but through the battles to preserve our identity.

Admiration for the Founder, Petros Tatanis, and the many thousands (thus far) of the staff, who with great effort and love rendered the Herald the community’s voice and conscience.

The community and the newspaper, friends and comrades, hand-in-hand, side-by-side, each enduring indescribable difficulties, through some unavoidable mistakes and even more sacrifices, held up proudly the flag of our history in this great and hospitable country.

Friends, I have a confession to make: it had never occurred to me to work for a newspaper.

And when I began at the Herald, I did not intend to stick around very long.

But the experience fascinated me.

I had grown up with an inexplicable sense of obligation toward my homeland. The physical distance that separated us only multiplied that intensity.

Added to that was an equally loud voice – the voice of an obligation to my fellow Greek- Americans. At close range, I lived the immigrant’s struggle: to work and prosper, to raise a family and provide the children with a good education.

And so, I was possessed by this passion to help. How? By providing honest, reliable information and heartfelt commentary.

To make the Greek-American proud of this newspaper. To demonstrate that our community was capable and worthy of a top-level newspaper, no less formidable than any of the top Greek publications in Greece or elsewhere in the world.

It was a community and a newspaper  worthy of my dedicating my career to it – and I have never regretted it.

I have long wondered why and how this particular newspaper has endured for a century, whereas countless other community and general interest publications have not. Every time I think about it, I come to the same twofold conclusion: 1) publishing philosophy and 2) editorial point of view.

To the first, publishing philosophy, which refers to the principles and values on which this newspaper’s journalism is based, our mission has remained to give a voice to the voiceless within our community, to serve the community with passion and integrity.

As for our point of view, we have strived to maintain balance, pragmatism and moderation – pan metron ariston – except when it comes to championing honesty, transparency, and decency, in which it is unyielding.

Continuing, then, to serve the interests of the many rather than the few, to avoid extremist positions that would cheapen its integrity, to continue to attract and inspire talented associates,

Ethnikos Kyrix-National Herald, with your continued support and endorsement, will remain the paper of record not only within our own community, but for Greeks throughout the world.


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Source: The National Herald
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