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A top Greek destination famed for its unique natural formations and romantic Cycladic island aura, Santorini is home to a number of local delicacies that take you on a flavorful journey beyond expectation. The area’s rich soil and dry climate is the perfect environment producing explosive in taste baby tomatoes, fava, white eggplants, capers, and of course, wine.

A perfect addition to the traditional Greek salad, and featured in many local dishes, the capers of Santorini ooze with bold flavor. Thriving in the rocky areas around the island, this bush plant’s buds and leaves are collected during the spring and summertime, then pickled to perfection with salt and vinegar. Don’t leave Santorini without a glass jar of capers!

Like the whitewashed walls of traditional Cycladic architecture, the sweet white eggplants of Santorini are a rare bunch possessing special attributes. They have less seeds than the typical eggplant, and they don’t soak in as much oil when hitting the frying pan. On the island, they are also the main ingredient in melitzanosalata.

Moving on to beans…Santorini’s fava is like no other. Made from yellow peas, fava puree is a traditional dish that compliments local cuisine. Dating back to at least 3,500 years, the island’s fava bean variety is a special crop that’s full of flavor and can be served as a tasty side dish served with meat and fish.

When it comes to wines, Santorini is famous for its high quality grape selection that gets its strong flavors from the island’s volcanic soil. Local wine varieties include the assyrtiko, athyri, mavrotragano and aidiani. Rarer varieties include the voudomato, gaidouria, and mavrathyro, among others. If you’re a wine enthusiast, then Santorini is the perfect Greek island destination. Beckoning you to indulge your senses with a taste of some of the most enjoyable wine selections in the world, the island also offers guided wine tours and special wine-tasting events.

Getting back to food…last but not least on our list is the island’s famous cherry tomato. A Protected Designation of Origin product, Santorini’s aromatic “tomatinia” vine tomatoes have been cultivated on the island for over 150 years. The tomato’s thick skin locks in an intense flavor and color that’s incorporated in a number of local dishes in the form of sundried and fresh tomatoes, as well as bold tomato paste that awakens your taste buds!

With a number of local products rich in flavor, and special to the island, Santorini invites you to experience a journey full of pleasant aromas and unique tastes. And if you can’t catch the next flight there, be sure to seek out some of the island’s natural exported products near you.




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