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The Greek government is celebrating the capture of Greece’s most wanted fugitive Nikos Maziotis as not just a police breakthrough but also a political triumph. The capture comes following constant international pressure for Athens to increase efforts in fighting terrorism.

Greek liberal New Democracy Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was briefed on developments leading to the capture and arrest of Mr. Maziotis by Public Order Minister Vasilis Kikilias. The ministries of Health and Tourism were also in full swing, rushing to the aid of the tourists that had been injured in the shootout.

Mr. Samaras asked Mr. Kikilias to transfer his congratulations to the police force in their efforts, whereas he personally called the policeman who had been injured when Mr. Maziotis open fired at the police. The Prime Minister pledge to pay the man a visit on his return from Brussels.

On his part, socialist PASOK deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos said that the coordinated effort of the police shows that Greece’s state mechanism can offer “citizen protection and democracy.”

Mr. Kikilias referred to the operation as a “great success” following the integrated efforts of the anti-terrorist squad, the DIAS motorcycle police at a time when the operation codenamed “Thiseas” to get street sellers off the street was taking place in downtown Athens.

He said that the capture of Mr. Maziotis will have “multiple benefits for Greek society, as much on a political level, such as the image of the country abroad, as on a social and economic level.”


The government is tweeting about it

Development Minister Nikos Dendias, who preceded Mr. Kikilias, was quick to cash in on some of the glory with two tweets on Twitter. In the first, he sent congratulations, but immediately retweeted a reminder that if the program he submitted is followed there will be “tangible results in a short amount of time.”

Government Spokesperson Adonis Georgiadis pointed to gaps in the Justice system by referring to Mr. Maziotis escape from the law in the first place when he escaped while awaiting trial.

Original Source: Proto Thema

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