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And suddenly, along with everything else, we are presented a new international menace, a rampant disease. It has sprung up so suddenly that only the experts know what really is going on.

While the Ebola outbreak was limited to West African countries, we did not make a peep. Maybe we thought it was their own fault. Conditions there are, of course, tragic.

This is what we have seen through the lenses of television stations and news agencies photos: People – men, women, small, tall – were dying, collapsing in the streets – sheer tragedy.

Many people here must have thought: well what do you expect from their poor medical system? Their doctors must not have proper training; their hospitals probably don’t have the necessary drugs.

It is so sad, but that must be the situation, otherwise there would not be those horrible conditions that bear no resemblance to the 21st Century.

And of course while Ebola was limited to West Africa, we stayed calm. We might have thought, too bad for them, but what can we do? There are so many problems in the world, how can we deal with them all?

But Obama did order 3,000 soldiers to rush to help control this disease. Soldiers … did we need to send soldiers to arrest … or … bomb this new enemy called Ebola?

And one day some ungodly man named Thomas Eric Duncan Eric, 42 years old from Liberia, gets in a plane and ends up in Dallas. Eventually the man was transferred to a municipal hospital to be treated.

But this is not Liberia. That is so, is it not? They would heal him. But strange as it may sound, Mr. Duncan died. With so many doctors, so much technology, so many drugs, he died.

Then I realized that there is no medicine to cure this disease. That’s when I began to worry.

But I calmed down when Makis Voridis – the Greek Minister of Health – declared in the most emphatic manner that Greece is shielded from such cases.

God bless that man for reassuring me.

The post The Problem We All Live With For Now appeared first on The National Herald.

Source: The National Herald
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