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After the discovery of suspected terrorist and convicted leader of the Revolutionary Struggle leftist guerrilla group Nikos Maziotis’ hideout at Marousi, a northern suburb of Athens, the Anti-terrorist unit is now focusing on the search for Maziotis weapons, his accomplices and his life partner Pola Roupa.

At the same time, officers of the Forensic Laboratories are conducting an inch by inch search for DNA and fingerprints at the apartment located at Ypsilantou street in Maroussi.

The purpose is to find new evidence regarding the people who were visiting the Marousi apartment that would facilitate the investigation.

According to sources, the identification of Nikos Maziotis accomplices and their arrest so that they wont fulfill whatever operation he was planning is a priority for the police.

The raids

Officers of the Anti-terrorist unit launched a series of raids on Friday afternoon in several areas:

- Kalamata, in the southwest Peloponnese, where Pola Roupa’s parents’ house is located. The mother and sister of the 45-year-old woman were brought in for questioning.

- Fthiotis prefecture, where they are searching for a house linked with a 35-year old suspected accomplice of Maziotis “George P.”, against whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

- Patissia area in Athens, where according to information the police are searching for a second hideout with weapons.

- Marathona and Grammatiko areas.

- In several cities of the Peloponnese.

The accomplices

According to sources, the arrest of Nikos Maziotis accomplices is a priority for the police so that they wont fulfill whatever operation he was planning.

The police have announced on Friday that they are searching specifically for two men. One is 35-year-old George P., against whom a warrant has been issued and the second is a person above suspicion, with no criminal record who is leading a normal life.
However, the big question is where Paula Roupa is hiding with her 4-year old child. According to sources, a few hours after the arrest of her husband, she hurriedly left the family home in the northern suburbs, to disappear without a trace…

The building where Maziotis hideout is located


Original Source: Proto Thema

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