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It really nearly happened. The news has been repeated dozens of times a day in all corners of the Earth, by experts and non-experts, for months now:

Greece is going bankrupt. Depending on the point in time, it will not be able to make a given payment, either abroad or at home, leading to a default and possibly exit the Eurozone.

And if that does not happen this month it will happen another month, later on…

These warnings have become so common that they are becoming boring to the outside world, and within Greece the people have grown skeptical, since nothing has happened so far.

These things are probably said, many are thinking, to intimidate the people to put pressure on the government, rather than for any other reason.

But, here we are, however: the prognostications came –very close – to being confirmed.

Specifically, when it came time to deposit the money for the May pensions, the government realized that what they had collected from everywhere – the municipalities, regions, funds, hospitals, universities etc., was insufficient.

So at the last minute they had to go from tax office to tax office to gather more state funds to supplement the amount, thus delaying pension payments for 4-5 hours.

The government attributed the delay to a “technical problem.” But the truth soon became known.

Imagine what would have happened if they had not paid the pensions to about 2 Million Greeks?

How would the people have dealt with not having money to live on? Would the government have been able to remain in power?

And of course, as you would imagine, the hearts of the elderly continue to palpitate in fear of what will happen next month. And the next.

If until now everyone had not fully realized the scale of the problem – I am referring now especially to the citizens, who ultimately will pay the price – this pension incident should serve as a very loud alarm.

Reality cannot be ignored for long. It does not go away. Matters only get worse.

The obvious decisions that need to be taken to rebuild the country’s economy cannot delayed further.

The people of Greece – an overwhelming 75.6 percent of them – want to remain in the Eurozone “at all costs” according to the latest poll.

The government will pay the price for the political theater it has played for three months, which brought the country to within four or five hours of bankruptcy.

Let’s hope this almost tragic will be used as an opportunity for the people and their leaders to be more serious about the matters at hand.

Because the next time the unimaginable presents itself, it will seize the stage and not depart.  And you know who will not be paid, don’t you?

The post The Unthinkable Almost Happened appeared first on The National Herald.

Source: The National Herald
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