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The National Herald, appreciating the concerns and knowledge of it readers regarding this Sunday’s election in Greece, undertook an informal survey of its subscribers this week.

The results are posted below and on the Greek website.

The Greek language survey revealed a preference for New Democracy over SYRIZA of 3 to 1 – although 60 percent believed SYRIZA would win.

The difference among English edition subscribers was even greater – 68 % to 16 %, but a larger percentage believed that SYRIZA would win: 67-33.

Outside the two main parties, Potami displayed the greatest appeal: 8.24 % in the Greek Edition, and 7.45 for English language readers.

A blank ballot might indicate an undecided status, or a negative response either to the coalition government led by Antonis Samaras or the uncertainty regarding what Alexis Tsipras really wants to do.

This was not a scientific poll, but the large response – 600 people for the Greek edition and 800 (!) for the

English edition makes it an important survey of community preferences and views.

Please note that the system allows each person only one vote.

Among subscribers to the Greek edition:

Who will win the election?

SYRIZA: 59.30 %

New Democracy: 38.37 %

PASOK: 1.16 %

KKE: 1.16 %

What party would you vote for?

New Democracy: 50.59 %

SYRIZA: 20.00 %

Potami: 8.24 %

Movement of Democratic Socialists: 3.53 %

Golden Dawn: 2.35 %

Independent Greeks: 2.35 %

PASOK: 2.35 %

Popular Orthodox Rally: 1.18 %

Workers Revolutionary Party: 1.18 %

Blank ballot: 8.24 %


Will a party will a majority of seats and be able to form a government on its own:

No: 63.53 %

Yes: SYRIZA – 29.41 %

Yes: New Democracy – 7.06 %

Among subscribers to the English Edition

Who will win the election?

SYRIZA: 67 %

New Democracy: 33 %


What party would you vote for?

New Democracy: 68.09 %

SYRIZA: 15.96 %

Potami: 7.45 %

Golden Dawn: 1.06 %

Blank ballot: 7.45 %
Will a party will a majority of seats and be able to form a government on its own:

No: 57 %
Yes – SYRIZA: 26 %
Yes – New Democracy: 17 %

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Source: The National Herald
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