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Finally, Washington has presented its position on the crisis in Cyprus. And the declaration comes from the State Department, evidencing that the issue remains far from the purview of the White House.

In a well-crafted statement, the State Department said that, “We continue to believe that the island’ s oil and gas resources should be equitably shared between both communities in the context of an overall settlement.”

In principle, we agree that an “equitable” sharing implies that Turkish Cypriots are entitled to a percentage of the hydrocarbons. After all, they are residents of Cyprus, too. Any position to the contrary would be devoid of logic, and could hardly be supported by objective criteria.

But Washington’s position is overly vague.

For example, what would an equitable sharing amount to? To us – and surely not just us – equity should be based on conditions that existed prior to the invasion. Any conquests through military force surely cannot be considered part of a fair distribution.

The focal point of Washington’s involvement – and the hope for an overall resolution to the Cyprus problem – is the existence of the oil reserves themselves, which should serve as a motivator to both sides to have a fresh perspective in negotiations.

For instance, any economic hardships a solution might bring certainly can be replenished via a share of the ample hydrocarbon reserves that have been discovered.

Therefore, it would be a matter of negotiating the “difficult” issues. But how can one negotiate with a gun to the head? How can you sit at the table with someone who comes into your house without your permission and behaves like your landlord?

The State Department, of course, did not provide an answer to these questions. Its interest is in the defusion of conditions that may increase “tension in the region.” But isn’t such tension already increased with the presence of the Turkish ships in the territorial waters of the Republic?

What would have counted – and its absence is conspicuous and unwarranted – would have been Washington’ s demanding Ankara to withdraw its ships immediately.

As we recently noted: “this crisis can act as a catalyst for a meaningful solution to the Cyprus problem.” Surely there are conditions. But do the Turks really want a solution?

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Source: The National Herald
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