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Treason is not a modern phenomenon.  Let’s go back to ancient times.

There were traitors even among the leaders of Athens and Sparta who helped the Persians in their campaigns against the Greeks during the 30-year-long war between the two City-States.

So the news that that American citizens are fighting on the side of ISIS and with Al Qaeda, while causing outrage, is not unprecedented.

At least 100 young American citizens have abandoned their country and their future, and put their lives at risk to fight with terrorists, with people who are fighting against the West. Already at least four young Americans have lost their lives.

Some 500 British have gone to Syria. About half of them returned home, but some were killed.  Still the number of them remaining in Syria is large.

Moreover, these youth are a source of concern for another reason: because of their nationality and how easily they can move in and out of the USA, they are potential instruments of terrorist attacks inside the country.

And of course they constitute a dilemma for their country, which must decide whether it is permissible morally and legally, to kill them.

One can feel the way he wants about these traitors. You may feel shame, anger, sadness. You may want revenge for what they do.
But there is one important question that must be answered because it lies at the heart of the problem: why are these children engaging in such extreme and reprehensible acts? What causes them to rebel, that infuriates them to the point of sacrificing their lives about it?

Is it the feeling of injustice; cynicism; solidarity with their Muslim brothers whom they consider oppressed? Is it the policy of double standards followed by the Great Powers?

For example, the New York Times reported recently that Russia is violating a basic principle of international order established since the Second World War: states must not occupy a territory by force.

How would does a Greek-Cypriot feels when he reads that? There is no justification for what these young people are doing.  Yet, we sometimes provide the terrorists with the moral means for attracting the most fragile among them.

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Source: The National Herald
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