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Greece is wounding us again. Certainly, the image projected by the country does not encourage the drawing of pleasant conclusions.

In the past, there were often “scenes of infinite beauty” during election campaigns, and what is currently on stage is just as delightful (we are being ironic).

There is a difference: the stakes are now much higher. The intrigue and political tensions are materializing during a time of deep economic crisis.

Does it have to be this way? Is this how the interest of the country and the nation are best served?

Three hundred Members of Parliament were invited on December 17 to vote for Stavros Dimas, the candidate for President of the Republic ( The voting will take place a few hours from now) .

At the same time, they must take into account the impact of their vote on the functioning of the economy.

That is a message that Europe is emphasizing through unprecedented interventions in a sovereign (?) country, favoring the government. “The idea – of Mr. Tsipras – of not paying back the debt, is equivalent to suicide,” said a senior economic official of the Eurozone.

Even if anyone disagrees with such brutal political intervention, it is the truth. Such an act would cut off Greece from financial markets for many years.

The official added: “The Greek government has made a huge effort to reform the economy.” No one should doubt that the government – and Mr. Samaras personally – have made a ‘huge effort.’”

But now Yannis Stournaras, the Governor of the Bank of Greece, has entered the political tap dance. He said: “liquidity in the market is rapidly decreasing … the risk is not only to the growth path that has only just begun. The risk of irreparable damage to Greek economy is great.”

His statement – unacceptable for many – has two possible interpretations: first, as an intervention in politics, and second, as the expression of genuine concerns. Perhaps the second view is closer to reality.

However, it is likely that his statements will have a negative effect beyond political developments and the responses of markets. Already, it is said that he has caused an outflow of money from banks.

It is in this that probably prompted the declaration of Mr. Tsipras – to cast the blame elsewhere: “Samaras is able even to order a bank run, an artificial capital flight by sympathetic businessmen in order to make his fear-mongering more convincing.”

Regardless of the effect these actions have on the outcome of the election for President of the Republic, the truth is that they do not help to improve the economic situation.

Rather, everything that is happening, and the international publicity given it incurs, is burdensome. And, certainly, the price once again will be paid by the people about whom the politicians – allegedly – care.

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Source: The National Herald
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